Friday, August 28, 2009

Good news!

It looks like they're going to bring Oldsmobile back--something that means a lot to my family, as my father-in-law built Oldsmobiles for over 30 years. His specialty was checking the springs in the seats to make sure they had that cushy Oldsmobile feel long after they left Lansing.

Now you might think this is a joke, but it's really not. Here's how I know they're going to bring Oldsmobile back: Democrats are thinking of renaming a healthcare deform bill after Ted Kennedy.

Maybe I shouldn't be so happy about this after all, now that I think of it. Let's keep it on the bridge instead.


Anonymous said...

Not sure what Oldsmobiles have to do with Kennedy.

he killed Kopechne in a Buick.

Bike Bubba said...

Nope. 1967 Olds Delmont 88.