Monday, January 07, 2008

My Endorsements for President

Perhaps you thought that this would be a well-thought out bit about the issues. Well, if that's it, you are going to be disappointed. Sorry.

For now, since there is precious little serious talk about issues and implementing policy among the candidates, I'm going to have to go back to a fallback position; which candidates are absorbing the most unfair abuse?

On the Democratic side, Barack Obama wins easily due to the "revelation" that he'd said or written something in kindergarten about wanting to be President. I'm sure that as time goes on, lewd jokes made in junior high school will take top billing in political ads.

On the GOP side, it's a close call between Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee. Paul gets attention for his positions on the Federal Reserve and gold standard, as well as his foreign policy and general unwillingness to get along in Washington. However, I think that the firestorm of abuse given to Mike Huckabee for his passing of a tax increase under court order puts "the Huckster" over the top in terms of unfair criticism.

Congratulations, Barack and Mike. You're serving your nation well as lightning rods for ill-informed abuse taken out of context. Honorable mention as well to Dr. Paul; it's not everyone who gets to live life as a living tackling dummy in the WWE.


pentamom said...

Barack goes even further out in front when you realize that he's spent the entire last year being criticized for allowing his parents to give him a politically incorrect middle name.

This may be a sign that your audience knows you better than you think, Bert, but when I saw the headline of this post in my feed, my first reaction was, "I wonder what interesting/funny angle he's going to have on this? I'm sure it's NOT going to be a real endorsement."

Bike Bubba said...

Sometimes blogging is like having a ton of brothers, sisters, and cousins that we may not have had as kids, eh? :^) Well said!