Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Hearty Congratulations

....are in order for the MOB's own Mall Diva and Ben "Hammerswing", who are now engaged to be married. In honor of this, here is a recipe for cooking beef the way Ben likes it.

Correction: Not yet engaged, but they are heartily courting. My mistake, and thanks Ben.

Remove from fridge, and add salt.

Wave over hot skillet. (don't do this twice, or it'll be overcooked)


I reckon that all the money they save on cooking costs will really help the family budget. And where did I get this recipe? Let's just say Ben's not the only one who appreciates meat in the French style in the MOB.


Douglas said...

Hooray for Ben and Mall Diva!

Uncle Ben said...

Thank you very much Bike Bubba. I just want to be clear though, we're not engaged, we are courting. It might seem pretty similar, but it's a preparatory stage with an eye fixed towards marriage.

That said, I love your recipe for beef. When I lived in France we would cook it like that, but with fresh ground pepper instead of salt. Mmmm!

kingdavid said...

OK, I'm starting to get visions of Mall Diva as Ellie Mae, and Nightwriter as Uncle Jed. She had a lot of guys come "courtin"

I won't say I picture Reverend Mother as Granny though, she'd probably wop me up the side of the head with a broom next time I see her.

Mercy Now said...
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Mercy Now said...

Very cute looking couple I may say. Congrats to them! Now, I just need to do the same myself but I dunno bout me telling someone's dad my intent to marry his daughter on a first date since I don't really know her. Any advice would be appreciated:o)

Bike Bubba said...

Mercy, one way to view it is this; when you suggest to a young lady that you'd like to be "more than friends," doesn't that imply a certain hope that such a move might end in wedlock? The "courtship" movement just states this out front instead of making it an implicit, and debated, assumption.

My thought (partially along these lines); if you're getting to know a young lady, but neither of you is getting to know the other's friends and family, you need to consider what kind of relationship you're building.

God bless your search!

(and if you haven't already read them, Doug Wilson's "Her Hand in Marriage" is a great read)