Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It's about time

It appears that the Japanese whaling industry has finally figured out a way to deal with the "Sea Shepherd" fanatics. More or less, an "environmental" group called "Sea Shepherd" has been harassing them for years, throwing acid on decks, trying to disable and even sink ships, and so on to disrupt legal whaling.

Think what you may of whaling, but "Sea Shepherd" apparently thinks that whales' lives are more important than human lives, and thankfully they've started to defend themselves by taking two of the terrorists captive. They're howling in protest, of course, but hey--shouldn't they be grateful that the whalers didn't put a harpoon into their boat?


Palm boy said...

I say throw excess blubber at them. :D

pentamom said...

Trying to hurt people to save whales is bad enough all by itself, but throwing acid around and trying to send fuel-filled hulks of metal to the bottom of the ocean in the name of protecting the creation?

I do not know how some of these people find their own front doors at night or remember how to sign their names from day to day, I really don't.

Bike Bubba said...

Bingo. If it were me making the decisions, each of those ships would have a couple of .50 Brownings to deal with this kind of idiot. (that this isn't standard on ANY registered ship of trade baffles me....you would think that there was no such thing as pirates out there)

Shawn said...