Friday, October 27, 2006

What could be worse...

....than a wannabe global government where Communists and the French have veto power? Unfortunately, the world is in the process of learning just that.

Specifically, what's worse is a wannabe global government where the Communists and French not only have veto power, but also claim the power to commission non-governmental organizations (read "unelected busybodies") to write treaties that they will apply to all nations based on the signatures of a minority of nations--and where our veto does not apply. For example, the "International Criminal Court" (ICC) was created with the signatures of only 60 nations. If Gitmo scares, you, this should terrify you.

Why? Well, it doesn't define clearly what it presumes to punish, and the ordinary protections defendants are entitled to here don't exist. There is no jury trial, no habeas corpus, and you're likely to be tried before a judge from Cuba.

Perhaps in the future we'll be reading "Turtle Bay Archepelago" by a former inmate of Kofi's gulags.


Mercy Now said...

A good reason why Bush didn't sign it. Imagine the ICC putting our soldiers on trials for being in Iraq. One thing about Bush is he does things w/o giving into popular opinion when it's wrong.

Bike Bubba said...

The trouble is that the treaty claims jurisdiction even though we haven't signed it--so whenever somebody gets ornery in Turtle Bay, watch out.