Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A scary thought

The headlines are flying like confetti about a certain congressman's sexually explicit messages to a 16 year old page. On the bright side, he's confessed and resigned, as he should. On the down side, he tried to divert attention from this to alcoholism.

What strikes me, though, is the apparent fact that quite a few people--perhaps dozens--knew of these messages nearly a year ago and took no action until now. This is almost as repugnant as the acts of the Congressman, in my opinion--how many more acts were allowed because nobody spoke up?

It is, I'm afraid, a sign of how sick our political culture is on both sides of the aisle. One side keeps things quiet to avoid embarrassment, the other keeps things quiet for a time to manufacture the greatest embarrassment. Both forget that innocents are harmed while they wait for an opportune moment.

Going out on a limb--a sturdy one I think--I dare suggest that they forget about those harmed because they know this kind of thing happens all the time in politics.

In other words, because they know that if they report such acts in a responsible, timely manner, the bell tolls for them as well.

Addendum: in today's "Hot Air" segment, Michelle Malkin reports that she was propositioned by a member of Congress while interning in Washington.


Anonymous said...

This should remind any who have placed their faith in government that theirs is a misplaced faith.

Mercy Now said...

Unfortunately, power corrupts because if a staffer makes noise about it, then he would get fired and wouldn't be able to work in Washington anymore. Two staffer did bring it up to Haster and were told it was taken care of but it wasn't until the leak this week.

The other upsetting event is that we've become a blame em society where muderers blame their bad childhood like the Amish killings of young girls and this on alcoholism. Wasn't it Adam that blame Eve and Eve on the serpent? How we can still see the clear effects of original sin today.

Anonymous said...

This whole thing is just filthy. For me it's a reminder that there is much work to do for Christ in this world.

Brian said...

For someone who is a member of the party of supposed moral values, families and constantly railing against gays in favor of God, the Republicans have come off as a barrel of hypocrites in the past week. From IM'ing during a vote on the house of the floor to a teenage male page to covering up knowledge for three years before being leaked to the media by one of their own party, there needs to be some housecleaning done in the form of the bloviated Hastert bidding farewell too.

Bike Bubba said...

Brian, perhaps you can offer some actual evidence that Mr. Hastert had any knowledge of this? Or perhaps we should throw out the entire Democrat leadership because of their failure to expel Gerry Studds when he actually did molest a page?

What's sauce for the goose, Brian.