Monday, October 30, 2006

Executive bonuses

A friend at work recently dropped by my cube with a paper explaining the bonuses of senior executives--they were, of course, the multi-million-dollar type that has many rejoicing when a jury puts one of them in jail. My friend fully expected me to join in with the resentment and jealousy he had, but something intervened.

Specifically, I thought of the fact that the vast majority of those executives were going to keep working 80 hour weeks with grueling travel schedules for a number of years, where most of the rest of us would quickly figure out what we really wanted to do and use that bonus to make it happen.

One might infer that some--most?--of us simply don't know when enough is enough. Is Bill Gates happier in his $100 million home than others are in their "mere" $500,000 homes? Is Ted Turner happier on his 100,000 acre ranches than others are on their "mere" quarter sections?

I doubt it. However, I know that a lot of people are working awfully hard to find out.


Mercy Now said...

Yes, I remmeber working as a freelance consultant and was paid by the hour. I worked 65-70 hours for two weeks and could have kept going and it was great pay but I decided I need to enjoy life as well.

Interesting that you brought this up cuz what is our responsibility as Christians? Working all the time and not being able to build relationships, involve in ministries, or do benevolence work means that we are living for ourselves.

Bike Bubba said...

To glorify God and enjoy Him forever, no? Isn't that what the Westminster divines came up with?

Now implementing that....well, I can say that it doesn't necessarily involve 80 hour weeks, extensive travel, and monstrous compensation packages! :^)