Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Scandal? Shock?

Let me get this straight; in a culture where daughters are too often dressed as whores and sons as gangsters, in a culture where most spend over a day a week watching fornication, rape and murder on television and in movies, in a culture where we applaud the deviance shown in "Pride" and "Love" parades as the actions of those who are otherwise just like us, we are somehow surprised, shocked, and scandalized when we see the exact same thing happen in Congress?

One would have thought that our computer literate generation would have known the implications of GIGO. Evidently not, however.


Mercy Now said...

If we do not stand up or make enough change to preserve our culture, the inevitableis God's just punishment for blatant violation of his laws. This is why we cannot be silent when we see evil popping up. When we don't, are we afraid because we may be called intolerant and therefore will not win them to Christ? Unfortunately, this is what many Christians do by only preaching love and not justice or sin, etc. When we become a culture where people think it's cool to be a Christian like 'Jesus is my Home Boy' T shirts worn by celebs, then we have lots of questions to ask ourselves like Jesus saying that we will be prosecuted for his sake. If a culture of filth thinks we are cool, then we may as well give up our 'faith'.

Bike Bubba said...

Be careful in defending one's culture--in that we can easily confuse our historic culture with Biblical culture, to our great loss. I don't think I "need" to do this with you, but just that the point bears repeating.

Mercy Now said...

So what do we need to do as Christians living in a culture that seems not to care too much for values, e.g. abortions, homosexual behavior, right and wrong, cheating & lies, abuse of children and spouse, etc.? I know we can't make a culture to obey morals like Constantine or Al Quada into the Shirah code. So the question is when should we defend/fight and when should we be silent?

Bike Bubba said...

Well, we could start by living it ourselves, no? As a dad, one of my methods is to keep the idiot box off and keep my kids more or less modestly attired. Maybe the next step is to remind the Targets and Wal-Marts of the world that the world doesn't need to see my daughter's belly, knees, and such.

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