Friday, March 02, 2018

Word to the wise

Never, ever, ever flippantly respond to claims made by a lawyer who was diligent enough to sort through a ton of medical journal articles to put one of the nastiest pedophiles known in jail.  It is an especially bad idea if there is well-known, sworn court testimony suggesting exactly what she's saying about you.  You are likely to get a response like this that will leave a mark. 

SGM, it's time to give Boz a call.  You know his number.

Side note; in talking to a friend, I noted that (as my church's Sunday School director) I was dreading the day that someone came forward and noted that he'd been abused by someone at our church.  It's just too likely, statistically speaking, to ignore the possibility.

Well, it hasn't happened yet, but my friend is dealing with someone who was abused by a family member while his family were members there.  Close enough; if you're working in children's ministries, and you don't have a children's ministries policy to guide and protect you, take a look at the lawsuit Aly Raisman just filed against the USOC.   (take it to 'em, Aly!)

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