Thursday, March 08, 2018

Alrighty then

Hilliary Clinton has, in a series of tweets commending women on International women's day, recognized Rachael Denhollander for her part in putting Larry Nassar in jail and opening up a national conversation on the issues of sexual abuse.

For my part, I recognize Juanita Broadrick, not to mention dozens of other women who were silenced by Mrs. Clinton's "bimbo eruptions" team.  Of note as well is that Mrs. Clinton is recognizing people "fighting for a criminal justice system that actually delivers justice."  OK, but are they fighting to get the Department of Justice to investigate her dealings with the Russians, and her illegal server?

Really, if it were not for a sycophantic media holding water for the Democrats, I don't think Mrs. Clinton would have dared make those tweets.  The mockery would have just been too intense.


Gino said...

knowing who she really is, some her adoring press coverage seems like if be from the Onion.

Bike Bubba said...

True dat. What baffles me is how the media aren't even willing to show that she's a 70 year old whose face and hair is dolled up to look 60, while the rest of her body is clearly about 85.

When a doofus like Joe Biden looks positively statesmanlike in comparison, it's astounding how far the Democrats have fallen.