Tuesday, March 06, 2018

How can Libby Schaaf sleep at night?

ICE has revealed that among the 800 illegal immigrants she helped escape immigration action are quite a few convicted felons, and about half of the 232 illegal immigrants apprehended had a felony record.

We would therefore assume that of the ~800 illegal immigrants she assisted, perhaps 400 had a felony criminal record.  One would infer that this would be obstruction of justice, and two good options come to mind.  First, we could simply prosecute her for her crimes and put her in jail where she belongs.  Second, and perhaps even more intimidating, when some of those felons commit another crime in the U.S. because Schaaf refused to allow I.C.E. to do their jobs, I.C.E. could let the world know exactly who allowed them to go free, and what her address is.

Yes, it sounds medieval, but when public officials risk our lives, liberty, and property to keep criminals in our country who ought to be deported, it just got personal. 


Hearth said...

I'm not sure Oakland is a good place to expect her to be worried about folks knowing where she lives after she ratted out ICE.

I agree with you, except the bit about her neighbors. Oakland. Yeah, no.

Bike Bubba said...

Well, until one of the people she helped to avoid deportation commits crimes in a town where she's not as popular, no?

It would definitely be better to put her on trial for obstruction of justice, but if criminals like her are not put on trial in the courts, the sad fact is that sooner or later, someone will put them on trial in a different manner.

Hearth said...

I am hoping that Sessions' hard line on ICE and marijuana means that this kind of thing will be prosecuted.

It's not.a.good.plan to ignore the rule of law. You don't like the law? We have a process for that. :p

Bike Bubba said...

Sure, go to amend or repeal laws you don't like, but I'm still trying to figure out why these people think our country needs more murderers, rapists, drug dealers, and the like. Are there people out there who want to be victimized who just aren't getting the attention they need from native-born thugs? Maybe counseling for these people instead of keeping more criminals here?