Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Why things are bad at the Secret Service

I've written before about issues confronting the Secret Service, from solicitation of prostitutes by officers to, well, solicitation of prostitutes by officers,  along with incidents where the Secret Service abjectly failed to stop someone who made it across the White House lawn (at least 100 yards) and nearly into the living quarters before being stopped.

Now while certainly they're not John Parker yet, it's certainly troubling, and I'd like to suggest one possible reason; they've been watching the likes of Bill Clinton and dope-smoking rappers for a quarter of a century.  Forced to look the other way as rappers brought weed into the White House and as the former President visited "orgy island", I'm guessing that men of honor are starting to take a pass on what was formerly a very prestigious job, and that those who are left are willing to look the other way because they're willing to participate.

If you doubt the importance of character in selecting a President, look again.  It appears that the bad character of a former President and the current President is endangering the safety of everyone under Secret Service protection.  And yes, this is a great reason to vote against Hilliary Clinton or Combover Drumpf.

Update: this can't be helpful in retaining high quality agents.  It boggles the mind that President Obama does not see the problems inherent with letting a person accused of kidnapping, aggravated assault, and aggravated battery into the White House.  For that matter, it boggles the mind that he apparently thinks that rappers have the keys to managing criminal justice. 

Yet another reason that you don't want a pothead, or the wife of a pothead, in the White House, I guess.

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