Thursday, April 21, 2016

Let's mind our manners, OK

In the age of the Combover, this is a hard sell, of course, but I did some thinking after ESPN's recent firing of Curt Schilling for an obnoxious "tweet" about transsexuals using bathrooms that don't correspond to their birth sex.  Now from all appearances, Schilling is a decent family man, a brother in Christ, with a hint of outspokenness and bluntness.   Regarding that last bit, it wasn't--see a previous one about Muslims and Nazis--his first "adverse encounter" with a hasty, poorly thought out note to the world.  For that matter, the collapse of his video game business probably has something to do with hasty thinking on his part, as well as the government's.  He's got a history, and admits it.

And with that, we really have a way that we can be salt and light in the world, and not get fired or otherwise socially disgraced.  We simply need to start using well sourced information and make that public to the world in a becoming way.

Concerned about radical Islam?  I'm with you.  Concerned about perverts in the ladies' room or locker room?  So is my health club, which prohibits cell phone use in ladies', men's, and family locker rooms.  But let's tone down the adrenaline and cheap shots, and remember what Deming told us:

In God We Trust, all others must provide data.

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