Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Democrats on the loose!

It turns out that a North Dakota Democrat running for Congress, Chase Iron Eyes, has been exposed (pun intended) as someone who has sent nude selfies to someone, possibly someone with whom he admits an inappropriate cyber relationship.

Now to be fair, it's not certain where it came from, but just for fun, let's imagine that his explanation that it was a "fitness check for a triathlon" is true.  What do we have? 

Well, we've got a guy who takes nude selfies of himself for use by himself, and we could assume that he's got a good healthy dose of narcissism.  Moreover, the best fitness check for the triathlon is called a stopwatch, not a camera.  Nude selfies make as much sense for the triathlon as a colonoscopy, really.

So the best possible spin here is that we've got a narcissistic fool running for Congress who's admitted "cyber" adultery, instead of a narcissistic fool running for Congress who's committed both cyber and physical adultery.   The difference, of course, is night and night.

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