Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sign of the times?

Evidently a Secret Service officer has been arrested after having tried to solicit a prostitute in his marked vehicle. One who, of course, happened to be working with vice officers.

What is hilarious to me; this guy did not figure out that anything was wrong when the "lady" didn't run away. He's a law officer, he's in uniform, and he's driving a marked car. In most any other city, I would guess that anyone driving a government-marked car can more or less watch prostitutes melt away as they drive down the street, given that it is after all an illegal activity. It's quite telling that DC prostitutes appear to have different expectations for at least the Secret Service.

Moreover, if this kind of behavior is widespread--as this particular "lady's" behavior seems to indicate--I would have to suggest that one of the big reasons for DC's high crime rate is that, ahem, authorities are literally in bed with criminals. The Secret Service might do well to throw the book at this guy for exactly this reason.

H/T Muckraker.

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