Friday, May 15, 2015

Scratching my head on this one

Apparently, among a fairly big sample of Gotham high school students, those who identify as homosexual or bisexual are more likely to become pregnant.    Now to be sure, they only included students who had had heterosexual sex, so the study itself blurs the lines of what is meant by "homosexual", but it is very striking that even with this caveat, it indicates that sexual identity is rather fluid and not static.  And they found, apparently, a statistically significant sample in the upper grades of Gotham Public.

Food for thought, and it strikes me that this indicates that at least a good portion of homosexuality is not innate, but rather comes from one's environment.  Exactly what we would have predicted from that twins study from 20 years back that found only 52% correlation of identical genes to sexual preference, really. 


Hearth said...

"It can't happen to me"
"If you have sex standing up..."
"I was really drunk"
"I just wanted to try it..."

Because HS students the world over have always made totally sensible decisions when their hormones kick into overdrive.

Even if I was "gay positive" I wouldn't pay any mind to anyone's alignment until they'd finished the teen years. Too much confusion.

Bike Bubba said...

Probably true. I'm thinking, though, that there is something very interesting about this. A significant portion of NYC's "homosexual" high school students are ending up pregnant. Is this real, innate homosexuality, or is a good portion of what we see as homosexuality and bisexuality really just "poor impulse control"?

I don't know the answer, and I fully expect that no one is going to try and thus pee on the third rail.