Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My position on "deflate-gate" with the Patriots

Fishing season is upon us, the birds are singing in the trees, the Twins and the Cubs are both having decent seasons so far, the Stanley Cup playoffs are playing out, and the NBA playoffs are being played, and.....

....you're all worried about some guy who can't throw a properly inflated football?  Time to get some perspective, folks, you've been had.  Time to get out to Wrigley or Target, time to drown some worms, time to throw an octopus on the ice, time to get the old velocipede out and cremate some animal remains on the barbie.  But not time to think about the criminal syndicate based on Park Avenue in New York City.  Let's get a grip, people. 

Of course, if you're in Massachusetts, following that syndicate makes a little more sense than chasing a bear with a hatchet while drunk, which is apparently another favorite activity of people in that state.  Well, I guess when the Bruins didn't make the playoffs and the Celtics are bombing against the Cavaliers, what is there to do?  Besides getting the velocipede ready, of course.

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