Friday, May 10, 2013

Yet another unconstitutional move by the State Department

They have apparently taken possession of drawings for a plastic gun, alleging that it has something to do with interstate commerce.  Well, not exactly, as these are not firearm components or ammunition, but rather drawings.  They are protected by an obscure portion of the Constitution known as the "1st Amendment," which is one reason why you can find drawings for the 1911 Colt online.

Really, the BATF State Department has got to get it through their heads that anyone with access to a decent machine shop can make a passable firearm, and hence law enforcement authorities just might do better to follow the NRA's advice and prosecute lawbreakers instead of harassing the law-abiding.

Correction: it was the State Department, not the BATF, which raises the question of jurisdiction.  At the very least, are the designs for a single shot firearm really that sensitive?  Are we going to remove any information about the Brown Bess or Kentucky Rifle, then, from the Internet?

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