Wednesday, July 18, 2012

President Obama can make you a millionaire!

.....if you start out with at least ten million dollars, that is.  What am I getting at?

The splendid record of the Obama administration's green energy investments, of course.  According to Michelle Malkin's sources, 19 recipients of renewable energy loans and grants--with loans and grants totaling at least 5.5 billion dollars--are now in bankruptcy court.  Given that the original source reports that the total of funding is about 9 billion dollars, that would indicate that Obama's "stock picks" (or "bond picks" in this case) are junk or worse about 60% of the time.

Many people are worried that Mitt Romney's Bain Capital eliminated perhaps a few thousand jobs through outsourcing.  Maybe we should be worried instead about the guys--Obama, Pelosi, Reid, etc..--whose policies have eliminated millions of jobs through a bad and uncertain business environment instead.

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