Monday, August 01, 2011

Time to go to daycare?

My employer has the habit of giving us employer-labeled shirts as a "uniform" for the annual company picnic.  This year, they're a blaze orange polyester polo shirt.  So I'm wondering what their purpose is.  Maybe....

1.  Creative way of headcount reduction by public humiliation of the non-golfers in the company.

2.  Creative way of headcount reduction by heatstroke from polyester shirt at 90F.  Grotesquely appropriate that it will be happening during ViQueens training camp.

3.  Creative way of employee retention; employees will feel guilty about throwing away shirts and will need to buy bigger houses, thus getting a bigger mortgage, due to another shirt to house.  Debtors need to pay their debts, so they'll stick around.

4.  Desire to prove that our human resources department truly is colorblind.  But I'm still not sure the EEOC will take notice and approve.

5.  Cheap blaze for deer season. 


Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

You really dislike that shirt, don't you?


Bike Bubba said...

Yup. Being herded around like daycare kids is bad enough, and it's even worse when you've got to wear a shirt that looks like it came off the discount rack of the golf course pro shop in 1979.