Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Those with a serious testosterone addiction....

.....might do well to relocate to South Bend, Indiana, home (evidently) of the nation's only "pubic schools."  (H/T Michelle Malkin)  I am going to suggest that the local government schools, having apparently overdone "sex ed" by a wide margin, may be significantly to blame for distracting the "Golden Domers" from basic blocking and tackling, leading to a 1-2 record early in the season.  They way they're going, they're going to be looking forward to the October 16 game with Western Michigan to get their second win.

Which, if things keep going that way, will be just fine with me.  For that matter, the very fact that Western Michigan even appears on their schedule is an indication of how far the Irish have fallen in the past few years.

But seriously, speaking of basic blocking and tackling, it looks like "spelling lessons" might be on the docket (or at least should be) for a South Bend based group advocating the public (or "government") schools.


Gino said...

ok, bubba.
tell me what the hek is that thing you got in your profile pic?

Bike Bubba said...

I'm drinking coffee right out of the French press. True addiction!