Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How to evaluate your employer, union, or self....

Take a look at their accounting statements, of course.   In our current installment, Michelle Malkin  reveals that the liabilities of the SEIU (the purple bus union that loves Mr. Obama) have shot from about $8 million to about $121 million--a shift presumably related to that union's spending of $61 million to put Mr. Obama and other Democrats in place, as well as current plans to spend about $44 million this year to keep the tax and borrow and inflate and spend Democrats in firm control of government.

Now it is obnoxious enough when unions spend dues revenue for political purposes, whether or not their members approve, but what we have here is borrowing to spend more on politics--in effect allocating portions of dues that are not supposed to be spent on lobbying to.....lobbying and political action.  Where has the money come from in particular?  Apparently from the pension fund, which is only 75% funded these days for the rank and file. 

Add to that clear accounting line items intended to benefit union leaders at the expense of members, and it's pretty clear that if we had an Attorney General, the SEIU would be facing multiple investigations, and I dare say a number of their leaders would go to jail.  If only we had an Attorney General and a Department of Justice in this country!

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