Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Thought on the "Gaza flotilla" incident

It's worth noting, as we consider Israel's stopping of a ship containing 50 people linked strongly to Hamas, that a key event in the formation of the most murderous regime ever, the USSR, was not the arrival of weapons to help the Bolsheviks, but rather the arrival of a single person aboard the ship Aurora.

Mr. Vladimir I. Lenin, of course. I do not know whether there was a Lenin aboard the ship approaching Gaza recently, but those who argue that "there was nothing wrong" with the whole arrangement need to remember how dearly all of Europe paid when the Kaiser of Germany sent Lenin back to Russia in 1917. Lenin wanted the dictatorship of the proletariat, and Hamas urges a new Holocaust. Please, let's not be morally obtuse with this kind of thinking.

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pentamom said...

And also the latest variation on the oft-repeated question, "If Israel really wanted to commit genocide against the Palestinians, don't you think they could?" which is, of course, "If this was a massacre, why were only 8 people killed?"

Which isn't to minimize 8 deaths, of course, but to point out that it's really strange for bloodthirsty aggressors to stop at eight enemy casualties, so you might ask yourself whether they really were bloodthirsty aggressors.