Tuesday, June 01, 2010

All you need to know about the far left....

....can be summed up in recent statements by TV babble-fool Bill Maher (H/T SITD and Muckraker), who has called for President Obama to be a "real black man" (his words, not mine!) and show BP executives a gun in his pants to intimidate them and get the Gulf oil spill crisis resolved more quickly.

So what does this teach about the Maheresque left? First of all, if the gun is simply "in his pants," it shows that Maherites don't know how to carry a firearm safely and discreetly. You carry a pistol in a holster designed for that pistol to avoid accidental firing and dropping.

It also shows that they believe that "the right people," but not you, ought to be able to carry firearms--and that "the right people" ought to be allowed brandish that firearm at you without legal consequence--for the "little people," of course, threatening someone with a gun is a felony.

Going further, Maher evidently believes that showing a lethal threat to BP executives is going to motivate them more--as if the reality of the loss of about a third of BP's market value and huge liability lawsuits does not motivate them already, and as if it will somehow do some good to activate the "fight or flight" reaction in executives that the President desperately needs to have thinking, not fighting or fleeing.

Most hilarious, though, is Maher's apparent idea that the Commander in Chief of the deadliest military the world has ever known needs to carry his own gun in order to persuade people that he means business.

And then there's the racist insinuation of suggesting that a "real black man" would have acted like a gangster rapper, too. Racism, totalitarianism, thuggishness, and a complete lack of sense; you'll find it in the far left in abundance.


Gino said...

yeah, it was a lousy joke, but slightly funny in a mild way.

just like most of mahr's jokes.

Bike Bubba said...

Exactly--and consider where Maher would be if he'd been anything but a liberal favorite making that joke.

In the unemployment line, of course.

Night Writer said...

Sounds as if Pres. Obama has been following Maher's advice: