Friday, June 25, 2010

Now that was different

Just got sent to Quebec in part so I could speak and translate German. By the way, if people tell you how Canada's economy is in great shape, just tell them to take a look at the industrial area around Montreal's airport. It's a ghost town, sad to say.

And no, bummer, didn't get a chance to go to Tim Horton's.


pentamom said...

No Tim's in MN? It probably won't be long -- we've had them here for several years now. What's a Great Lake or two?

pentamom said...

BTW, ich wusste nicht, dass Sie Deutsch so gut sprechen k├Ânnten.

(Und, ich musste Googlieren, "wusste" und "musste" richting zu konjugieren. Mein Deutsch is nicht sehr gut.)

Gino said...

didnt know you spoke german.
i'm even more surprised that canada didnt have a german speaker already in house.

i've heard for years that quebec was indispensible to the canada economy, their productivity was a little higher than the rest of canada, and why secession would have been so problematic.

but, i know so little about canada anyway, what i herd probably dont acct for much.

Bike Bubba said...

Given that there's hardly a more Canadian state than Minnesota (except da UP, eh?), it surprises me, too. Somehow there aren't a lot of donut shops here, though.

And regarding the German; let's just say it's tough to discuss engineering when they teach you literary German! However, some is better than none when you want a translator you trust...