Friday, June 25, 2010

Now that was different

Just got sent to Quebec in part so I could speak and translate German. By the way, if people tell you how Canada's economy is in great shape, just tell them to take a look at the industrial area around Montreal's airport. It's a ghost town, sad to say.

And no, bummer, didn't get a chance to go to Tim Horton's.


pentamom said...

No Tim's in MN? It probably won't be long -- we've had them here for several years now. What's a Great Lake or two?

pentamom said...

BTW, ich wusste nicht, dass Sie Deutsch so gut sprechen könnten.

(Und, ich musste Googlieren, "wusste" und "musste" richting zu konjugieren. Mein Deutsch is nicht sehr gut.)

Gino said...

didnt know you spoke german.
i'm even more surprised that canada didnt have a german speaker already in house.

i've heard for years that quebec was indispensible to the canada economy, their productivity was a little higher than the rest of canada, and why secession would have been so problematic.

but, i know so little about canada anyway, what i herd probably dont acct for much.

Bike Bubba said...

Given that there's hardly a more Canadian state than Minnesota (except da UP, eh?), it surprises me, too. Somehow there aren't a lot of donut shops here, though.

And regarding the German; let's just say it's tough to discuss engineering when they teach you literary German! However, some is better than none when you want a translator you trust...