Monday, December 03, 2007

A great post-Thanksgiving diet.... to pass a gallstone, come down with pancreatitis ("are you a heavy drinker like the guy who writes 'Spork Nation'?"), and spend the week in the hospital awaiting gallbladder surgery on a clear liquids, then spend the weekend easing off the Percocet and avoiding any food that might disagree with a body newly unable to store bile.

It actually wasn't too bad...except for the "pain" part before they got me a shot (OK, two shots, I'm a wimp) of painkiller. Got to learn a lot about my body, read a lot of books I'd never had a chance to read, and got my first ultrasound and CAT scan.
And here's a link to The Lost Tools of Learning for Mark.


jroosh said... posts since the 20th and this is your excuse? Ever heard of a laptop?!
Krusey's been handin' it to me over at Roosh Five with out you to come in and spell me.

By the way, those are some beautiful stones!

Seriously though,Get well soon!

Jim Peet said...

Is the surgery behind you?

Praying for you,

Kathee & Jim Peet

Bike Bubba said...

You bet it's done, Jim, & thanks for the card. It went great, and I'm recovering wonderfully.

Roosh, you need to learn the gentleman's art of self-defense. :^)

Gabrielle Eden said...

Welcome back!

Uncle Ben said...

I was wondering what had caused your dismal output the past two weeks. This would rank high on the "acceptable excuse" scale.

Marklark said...

As to why he didn't use a laptop: He's Scottish (cheap).

A good host, though! :^)

Dan S. said...

Glad you're ok, Bike Bubba. Stay well.

Marklark said...

I'm sorry: I shouldn't have called you cheap, Bert.

:^/ You just weren't in the shape to be carrying your home PC into the ER. ;^)

Bike Bubba said...

I make no apologies for frugality. :^) "Cheap" is just fine.