Friday, December 28, 2007

Watch out for Ralphie

Those who are familiar with Hugh Hewitt know pretty well that those who would do well in Vegas do well to bet against his favorite teams, especially when it comes to the Rose Bowl or any team from Cleveland. Unfortunately, the same goes for a lot of his political predictions--'ol Ralphie was awfully late in figuring out that 2006 would be a disaster for the GOP.

Even so, it's pretty sad to see his treatment of any GOP presidential candidate besides Mitt Romney, and his absurd assumption that the main reason people would oppose him would be his Mormon faith--as if Romney's decade of pushing gun control, high MA taxes, and abortion in Taxachusetts ought not trouble fiscal and social conservatives in the GOP.

And then there's the little claim he makes about the GOP needing no reform--as if the past decade of ever-growing government doesn't indicate a problem--and as if the parade of RINOs supported by him had nothing to do with public disgust with the GOP.

Sorry, Ralphie, with a record like yours, maybe you ought to stick to snowmobiling.

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Marklark said...

As I'm sure I mentioned during previous conversation, it seems that HH hasn't met a RINO with $s that he didn't like. He's been on the winning side of his Colorado election picks as with his Ohio faves. He is an excellent example of a "fan"(atic). :^/