Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Free verse, drugs, or SPAM email?

You decide:

This rotten foolery. You didn't send it?

Said produce a loud rattle. And he made
the earth to stirring note of hail,
columbia, happy land. Mrs. Left the

one white layman at nulato seething
with in number, and diverse kinds of gems
and diverse serpent. It doth not deserve

death at thy hands. placed on satyaki's car.
Then, people caused his aimlessly
across his path. Senior, half his senses

those of a lion, and so exceedingly
beautiful? Had not heard him open the
door or close it. She.

Man, I love this stuff!


Shawn said...

I'll take a spam, spam, and spam sandwich...

Bike Bubba said...

One without so much rat in it?