Friday, October 26, 2007

Animal Kingdom Jihad update


Beat you to it, KingDavid. :^)


pentamom said...

I'm glad the lady's all right.

WhenI read the bit about the dog running off and coming back with help, I couldn't help thinking,

"Bark! barkbark!"

"What's that Lassie? Timmy's fallen down the old mine shaft?"


"And we've got to rescue him right away?"


"Okay, let's call the ranger and get some help!"

kingdavid said...

The bear was a rugby player.

That's what is called a rugby kiss. I admit I gave a few of those (usually in an innebriated state back then) Most of the rugby groupies accepted it as a part of our natural instincts; but, some guys did manage to get glasses of beer thrown in their faces if they picked the wrong girl to do it to.

This woman is lucky, and I'm glad she's alive. She'll have a great story to tell when she hears--"grandma, why do you sit funny?"