Thursday, December 06, 2018

I'm confused

Didn't the Democrats tell us, repeatedly, that this sort of thing is OK?   Why is it that legis-critters are entitled to a bathroom used only by their own biological sex, but high school students are not?  Call me confused.

That said, kudos to (Republican) State Senator Beth Martinez Humenik for noting that what she primarily wanted was an apology, not necessarily a resignation.  Once again, if you are, like me, watching with some interest what happens in the #MeToo movement, this is very instructive.

Also of interest is that USA Gymnastics has temporarily halted progress towards dealing with their "Larry Nassar" problems by filing for bankruptcy.  Now to a degree, they've got some defense--lawsuit demands probably will exceed their resources--but since they've not lost a case yet, isn't this premature?  Moreover, observant people cannot fail to notice that the legal hullaballoo about this is going to put a crimp into doing what needs to be done; get the evidence out, make sure they understand what cultural tendencies led to the toleration of what Nassar and others were doing, fixing the culture, and finally re-staffing with people who know and appreciate what the new culture ought to be.

In other words, my view was that the only way for USAG to survive was for them to fall on their sword, ironically.  Putting that blade back in the sheath will only result in killing them off, and in the possible degradation of the national gymnastics teams for years to come. 

Sounds to me like they've forgotten what they were all about. 

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