Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Change society for the better

Talk to a teenager.   How so?  Well, this Atlantic article, referenced by this "Art of Manliness" podcast, indicates that many young (and middle aged) people are missing out on marriage and legitimate sexual outlets because, in part, they're wedded to their cell phones instead.  I personally note this at the health club where I pretend to work out; where weight rooms had lively banter when I was a young pup, now most lifters are listening to "mood music" on their cell phones.

That isolation born of cell phones, however, appears to be having a nasty consequence; they aren't learning to interact with adults on an adult basis.  As a result, they don't grow up, don't get married, get some nasty habits, and worst of all, you don't get grandchildren to spoil or kids in the church nursery for your kid fix. 

So talk with a young person and save society.  And your sanity, and at least a remnant of the Social Security and Medicare people are counting on to take care of you when you get a touch older.

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