Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Separate but equal...

....is apparently now being enforced in housing at Cal State-LA, UC Berkeley, U-Conn, and UC Davis, as Dr. King is (if it were possible) spinning in his grave.  No word yet on whether they're going to go to separate drinking fountains, lunch counters, and the like as well, but word has it that the Obama administration is indeed creating "separate but equal" standards of justice by emphasizing concepts like "disparate impact", worrying extensively about the number of minorities are detained or arrested, but not sweating the fact that the murder rate in his beloved Chicago is up 49% this year, mostly impacting African-Americans.

In 2016 as in 1866, the rush to Jim Crow laws appears to be led by Democrats.

In other news, this is how out of court settlements ought to be: "apology included."  Fox takes a deserved hit for how Gretchen Carlson was treated, but unlike many, the settlement included an apology.

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