Thursday, September 29, 2016

Now there's a voter for Hilliary....

Alicia Machado, the former "Miss Universe" who is berating Donald Trump for (allegedly) calling her "Miss Piggy" after she apparently gained 60 lbs on her 5'7" frame in less than nine months after winning the pageant.  Now perhaps it's not the "nicest" that she got called "Miss Piggy", but the fact of the matter is that her job title at the time was "Beauty Contest Winner", and that would ordinarily suggest to a person ought to take some reasonable efforts to, say, preserve her beauty.  Never mind that being addressed so just might have helped her drop the weight and...quite her health and perhaps her life.

So she's got a wonderful sense of entitlement--her saying that she should continue as a beauty queen with 50% extra weight is akin to me saying I should continue as an engineer even if I should forget everything I learned about mathematics.

She's also a great fit for the Hilliary campaign in that she apparently was a getaway driver for a 1998 murder, had threatened a judge's life, worked in porn, and apparently was the lover for a Mexican drug kingpin.  Yup, she'll fit in with the Clintons, won't she?

And it's worth noting that with that history, she just got citizenship.  You read that right; being the lover of a Mexican drug kingpin, accessory to homicide, and making terroristic threats apparently is no barrier to citizenship under the Obama administration. 

Update: apparently the State Department has verified what I've been saying all along.  They have no way of getting independent evidence that refugees are a good security risk.  And, as you see above, they're not terribly interested in keeping people with multiple felonies out of the country.  They have their bodyguards, after all. 

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