Thursday, September 08, 2016

Brilliance from Brown University

Student representatives have placed feminine hygiene products for free in all campus bathrooms, including men's rooms, to communicate that they are a necessity, and that "not all people who menstruate are women".

Well, yes, I guess they are a necessity for women, but don't these people realize that yes, there is indeed a Wal-Mart in Providence where they can get these products for a reasonable price, and that women have historically purchased their own feminine hygiene products to get the kind they want?  Moreover, if they are really persuaded that people who are not female can menstruate, may I suggest CEB10905, "The Body: An Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology"?  They might be interested in knowing that menstruating requires a functional uterus and ovaries, which in turn requires two X chromosomes, which in turn designates a person as "female" or a "woman". 

Or if they have taken such a course, and still labor under the misconception that men sometimes menstruate, it is my plea that they avoid medicine as a career.  It is truly scary that nonsense like this can prosper at an "elite" university.

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