Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Some more reasons to vote against Hilliary

For starters, I think she'll be losing all of the Great Plains and mountain states after this one; she's come out in favor of reinstating the "double nickel" speed limit.  My take is that anyone who favors this really needs to take a trip from San Francisco to Chicago on I-80 at that speed; there are stretches in Utah and Nevada where you have basically the same view for well over 100 miles and no services for that same stretch.  Beautiful country, but after a dozen hours of it, you're ready for a break--and that break comes a lot more slowly if the police are enforcing 55mph!

In other news, Walter Williams is taking on the Democratic penchant for accepting people's nonsensical self-identifications by describing himself as a springbok.  This is apparently a big shift in his self-identification, as he'd previously identified as caucasian to avoid the worst jobs when he was deployed in Korea.  However, the reality that springboks are not required to file income taxes changed his mind, and, apparently, his DNA.

I think I'm a black bear now.  Hopefully Mark Dayton doesn't start taxing them as a result.

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