Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Actually, yes they do

In hilarious testimony before Congress, the head of the VA claimed that Disney makes no measurement of hours spent waiting in line at Disneyworld, and made the argument that since (as far as he knows) Disney does not do this, neither ought the VA.

Now apart from the fact that in general, nobody dies waiting to get a ride in Space Mountain, it struck me as a quality engineer that if I were working at Disneyworld, I would in fact take a look at how long lines are, because that does in fact impact the customer experience.

And so I googled "Space Mountain Wait Time", and voila....you can find wait times for Space Mountain here.  Note as well that you can get something called "FastPass", and it's been said that many visitors to Disneyworld actually hire line waiters to get around this.  I believe I remember seeing signs in the waiting lines telling you how long you would have to wait the last time I visited as well--it's been a while, but they were certainly there.

Closer to the area of medical care, our little clinic here in Rochester routinely asks about and measures wait times.  So what can we conclude?

The head of the VA not only hasn't been to a major amusement park in the past four decades, but he also has no clue about what best practices are in his own industry.  I recommend we just get it over with and impeach the guy and remove him from his position.  Yet another brilliant hire by the community organizer in chief.

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