Friday, May 27, 2016

More clear cuts for the environment

Hmmm.....would it be possible that the reason you need a 1 ton (or bigger) pickup to tow "tiny homes" just might be that they're using 6x6s to frame the ceiling? 

Maybe.  Keep in mind here that you also need to hold those big beams up; we are talking about some serious tree-killing here.  Never mind the coal you need to build a tow vehicle, and the oil you need to fuel it--some of those "tiny homes" have three axles on their trailers, meaning they weigh about 7 tons and are at the load limit of even most one ton pickups.

Beautiful?  Yes.  Cool? Yes.  But please; don't tell me you're doing the environmentally responsible thing when you're using 15000 lbs of material to make a home that's about the same size as a 19', 4000 lb Airstream or large garden shed.

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