Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Still can't read the label

Apparently now that Kraft has taken artificial colors and such out of their Mac & Cheese, Mrs. Obama now is OK with it.  Of course, I'm sure that whey powder--the actual "cheese dust" so abhorred by the Obamas--will still be high on the ingredients list.

Wait until she finds out that almost all cheddar--the real cheese she favors--also features artificial colors and preservatives.  It's amazing what harm someone can do when one is too lazy to read the label, but has political pull.


Gino said...

kraft M/C isnt cheddar flavored, it is 'american cheese' flavored, which isnt really cheese anyway.

but they do make a special 'cheddar' flavor, but its not standard.
either way, i loved it as a kid, and i love it now... but now i actually add real grated cheese to it .

Bike Bubba said...

Agreed in toto. Loved it as a kid, don't mind it now even though I prefer the real stuff, and if you eat it in moderation, there's nothing bad about it.

If only our "betters" could read the *(&*)*)) label.