Thursday, April 09, 2015

Chutzpah defined...... a President who smoked and lived in one of the most polluted cities in the country attributing his daughter's asthma to global warming.  Now part of me wants to point out that global warming isn't a firmly established fact, that nobody's pointed out a clear path of consequences, and all that, but it pales before something else.

That the President apparently did nothing to help his daughter avoid the triggers of asthma.  Speaking as a person who grew up with the disease, I'm sure that the Obamas were told about the things that trigger attacks--stress, smoking, pollens, pollution, and the like--and my parents did their best to reduce my exposure to these.  God help you if you'd decided to smoke around me--you would have heard in no uncertain terms how that kind of nonsense wasn't appropriate.  

Not so the Obamas.  Apparently allowing his daughter to breathe wasn't a big enough reason for Dear Leader to quit the cancer sticks or move out of the city, and the shame of smoking for a decade around his asthmatic child wasn't enough for him to hold his mouth instead of blaming his daughter's sickness on global warming instead of his own selfishness.

And this is the guy who thinks he's got the prescription for what ails us in medical care.  Now I'm not a doctor, but if I had to guess what ails him, this would be my first guess.

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