Saturday, March 07, 2015

Interesting column on same sex "marriage"

From World Magazine.  There are a number of things that are fascinating here; despite the consensus among many psychologists and sociologists that child-rearing by same-sex couples is "about the same" as that by heterosexuals, it appears that at least a few products of such parenting are speaking up and saying "well, that's not exactly true".

Leaving open the question of what the numbers are statistically significant, what the people are saying is fairly simple; same sex parenting appears to leave a gaping hole that would ordinarily be filled by father and mother--whichever usually would complement the custodial parent in a same sex relationship, of course.  It is worth noting as well that many studies of same sex parenting compare primarily to the results of single parenting--in other words, to a model of parenting we already know contributes disproportionately to prison populations, welfare rolls, and the like.

But in my mind, this is not the kicker--we can debate, reasonably, whether same sex parenting is slightly better than single parenting due to two people being involved with greater resources, slightly worse because the relationship is unnatural, or complicated--and "complicated" is my view, as single parents also are not always adhering to Biblical mores, either.

The kicker, rather, is that it appears that a major, if not the major, contributor to same sex parenting is the divorce of heterosexual couples.  So it would appear that sexual identity is somewhat fluid, and not clearly innate--exactly what one would assume from the 1990s twins study that found that only 50% or so of the identical twins of homosexual men were themselves homosexual.

Kicker #2 is a reminder that the biggest hazard kids have is not homosexuals getting "married", but rather divorce and especially unwed parenting.  We "fundagelicals" need to keep our eyes on the ball here.  Probably the best way to help kids is to remove the incentives to divorce--taxpayer subsidies for daycare, welfare programs (including the ACA/Health Insurance Deform Act) that favor single parenting, presumption of maternal custody in child custody cases, and the like.

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