Monday, October 22, 2012

Some random thoughts....

Interview went reasonably well; no absolute results yet.  Pray.

I don't know if it's a couple of days of "normal" food (vs. my ordinary "made from scratch" menu) or the fact that I missed a day of my blood pressure medication, but the combination of the two was worth a quick three pounds.

Could not avoid seeing a little bit of television on the plane flying back, and it's striking how quickly the scenes change now.  Is modern entertainment a shrine to ADD?

When kids pick up when Dad is out of the house, then you know that there is some fruit to your parenting.

Lots of companies are using some sort of behavioral testing these days.  As it becomes more popular, I have to wonder (a) what does it correlate with in one's genetics and nurture and (b) what happens to those who are not in the top percentiles of the test?  One would think that ambitious parents would be very keen to do what they could to develop "go-getter" children who would be able to take care of them when Social Security and Medicare collapse, and those not currently doing well on the tests would like to figure out how to even the scales a bit.

To no one's surprise, the UCI has stripped Lance Armstrong of his Tour de France and other titles,and is rightly (given that 20 of 21 placers since 1999 are implicated in doping) leaving the titles vacant.  Hopefully the UCI and USADA keep looking into other cyclists' records and ban some more.  I might have a chance of winning the tour yet, at least if my nasal steroids are allowed.  :^)

Thought on the tragedy/atrocity in Libya; wouldn't a real leader simply note that all diplomatic posts will henceforth be protected by the Marines as well as natives, and that their guns will be loaded?  What does our country gain from refusing to protect our diplomats?


Gino said...

where'd you fly too?

Bike Bubba said...

Kalamazoo, of course. Doesn't everybody?

tobin said...

Hope things go well - said a prayer for you just now.