Tuesday, October 02, 2012

If Barack Obama were a Republican,

...these are some things that the media would NEVER have let go.  H/T Gino

1.  The deaths of over 300 Mexicans and at least one border patrol agent due to his horribly flawed "Fast and Furious" gunrunning program.  (honestly, why are the Mexicans so quiet about this?  It's almost an act of war!)

2.  The fact that in Fast and Furious, he's claiming executive privilege.  The media would have rightly pointed out that this must implicate the President or a member of his Cabinet as one of the wrongdoers.

3.  Holding the economy hostage with a $500 billion tax hike in order to tax one group more.

4.  The fact that the Muslim Brotherhood is more or less taking over Egypt, and threatens other Middle Eastern nations.

5.  Unconstitutionally offering defense contractors money for fines if they willfully fail to abide by WARN Act requirements.

6.  Standing by his tax plan and Obamacare, despite the fact that the GAO estimates that each will cost about 700,000 jobs.

7.  Going on "The View" and David Letterman while the leader of an important ally would like to talk with him about nuclear proliferation.

8.  Bribes to pass Obamacare.

9.  Failure to prosecute a racially charged voter intimidation case.  (the Black Panthers case)

10.  Trillion dollar deficits with no serious plans to cut spending.

11.  Holding the defense budget hostage for the sake of his pet social programs.

12.  Numerous provocations to our longest term allies.

13.  Forcing religious groups to violate their consciences.  (yes, imagine it had been United Methodists and Episcopalians forced to violate their consciences instead of evangelicals, and all **** would have broken loose)

......and there is a long list beyond.  If anyone doubts that the media are in the bag for the left, take a look at that list and ask yourself; would things be so quiet if a Republican had done this?  Of course not, but at this point, a liberal Democrat is the culprit.


Gino said...

while the leader of an important ally would like to talk with him about nuclear proliferation.

when did Britain's PM want to speak to him?

Bike Bubba said...

Early 2009, and he was refused a state dinner, which would have been the rule for Great Britain.

And recently with Netanyahu. Put differently, if Iran nukes Tel Aviv, it's not just Israel that suffers as Israel's estimated 200 nukes find homes all over the Middle East.