Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Reformation Day!

While Wally is Alice, and vice versa, you can remember with joy (except perhaps for Gino and Mark) that today is the day Luther nailed the 95 Theses to the Wittenberg church door, kicking the Reformation into high gear.  (I would argue that the seeds of Reformation were planted much earlier by Hus, Wytcliffe, Gutenberg, and others--not the least of whom was Pope Leo X)

Here's a commentary on the results (Semper Reformanda!) from Gene Veith, an explanation of their significance from Wiki, the actual text in English (translated from the Latin, link to Latin exists), and a link to two versions of the "Reformation Polka," sung of course to Supercalafragilistic-expealidotious.  (sp?)

Make sure you greet trick-or-treaters with the proper greeting of "Happy Reformation Day", "Sola Scriptura", "Sola gratia", "Solus Christus", "Sola fide", or "Soli Deo Gloria".   If you're like me, you'll groan as the kids in your heavily Lutheran town just don't get it.


Gino said...
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Gino said...

reformation day celebration? how many baptist beleivers will be drowned tonite for their heresy?

Bike Bubba said...


But you didn't mention by whom you think we'd be drowned. Both sides of the 30 Years' War are guilty, of course.