Sunday, September 18, 2011

That's just not right.....

Now I don't know why I even bother posting this, because of course all of us reading this are going to be in Dear Leader's political prisons for being reported to "AttackWatch," and we'll be able to share these things in person, not online.

That said, while shopping with my daughters, I saw a bunch of things which quite frankly are almost as creepy as a President setting up ways to report one's fellow citizens to the Geheime-Obama-Polizei.  (on a side note, did you notice how many of Obama's ideas work better in the original German, thanks to Marx, Engels, and that Gefreite von Hoelle?)  The list:

1.   Padded training bras for pre-teens. 
2.  Formal dresses for little girls.
3.  Smelling perfume near the formal dresses for little girls.  (OK, don't we have enough pedophilia already without this kind of nonsense?)
4.  Jeans lines which would not fit my eldest daughter in any size.
5.  Low/mid rise jeans with a ton of white embroidery across the derriere', as if we fat Americans really ought to desire more attention to be brought to our rear ends.
6.  Shiny winter coats in garish colors that just scream "I will be out of style within three months."  (which is a course a problem in any state with six month winters like "Minnesota," where of course I live)
7.  Marketing miniskirts and tank tops for winter here.  (see #6 for why that is a bad idea here)
8.  Pre-ripped jeans.   If anyone wonders why the skating rinks are abandoned these days, you know why now!
9.  Bags from a clothing store for kids and juveniles featuring images of frontal near-nudity.  Well, I guess that says all you need to know about their clothing, doesn't it?
10.  Body-shaping undergarments for men.  As if three ounces of spandex is going to overcome a lifetime of jelly donuts and double quarter pounders.

OK, you can come up with your own list, but suffice it to say that the cultural signs from our country are almost as depressing as a President who wants to set up his own secret police and encourage people to turn their neighbors in to them.


Joanna said...

I try to not go shopping for at the mall or even Target. I find if I go to Goodwill I can bypass all the stupid stuff. I did notice #1 recently and could hardly get my jaw off the floor.

Joanna said...

...for clothes for my daughters...sorry.

W.B. Picklesworth said...

My wife and I talk about these kinds of things and feel reaffirmed in our decision to home school. Perversity passes for normal these days and normal behavior is considered beyond the pale, "How dare you talk to me about 'morality.'" Schools that don't care about the moral destruction of students shouldn't get any support from people who care about kids.