Monday, September 12, 2011

The President's Jobs Plan, Explained

Now of course, people like Pentadad, Mitch Berg, and Mr. Dilettante have done a great job clarifying what Comrade Obama wants to do to for the country with his joblessness plan, but really, we ought to make it simpler, so even liberals can understand.  It's part of being manly; being concise.  So here it is:

President Obama's plan for creating jobs is to take money from those whose businesses are profitable, and giving it to guys like the clowns who ran Solyndra into Chapter 7.

With friends like Barry Soetoro, our economy needs no enemies.


Gramps Toolshed said...

It really is disgusting to think about how much modern policy is based on envy and power. The politicians desire for power over successful people, and the electorate's envy of successful people. We have to find a way to highlight these trends and make them a serious part of the conversation so we can shame these people into abandoning them.

Ray D. said...

You need to be careful what you say. Someone might have to report you to

Bike Bubba said...

:^) Because the Obama administration never, EVER provided DOE grants to Solyndra, just like they never, ever refused to provide his long form birth certificate.

Ray D. said...

No, of course. They obviously applied no pressure to the DOE to approve the loans. Only a Republican would think such a base thought about our squeaky clean leader.