Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What a truly awful way to die....

Apparently a hog farm in Minnesota is being sued because a worker died due to lack of oxygen while cleaning out one of their hog barns because nobody bothered to turn on the ventilation system while he went in there.

Now apart from the thought of how truly awful a way to die that would be, and how cruel it would be to fail to turn on fans for a worker cleaning out hog barns, what comes to my mind is that apparently, forced air ventilation is needed to keep enough oxygen in the air in these barns to sustain life.  Given that power outages and equipment failures do indeed occur in rural areas, that would seem to be a strong reason NOT to use this particular design for raising lifestock.


Gino said...

i'd nsay that death is worth more than $50k, wouldnt you?

Bike Bubba said...

Ayup. Note that it says "in excess of," so my hunch is that's something in how the courts work, not an estimate of exactly how much the bereaved are asking for.

And of course, they're accused, not guilty at this point, but not a pretty thing.