Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I don't get it, but I'm afraid I do

Evidently, President Obama has finally released a copy of his original long form birth certificate, and except for the fact it was signed three days after his birth, there appears to be nothing remarkable about it.  So he delayed two years and spent millions of dollars trying to avoid releasing it exactly why?  Unless this is a fraud of magnificent proportions, it speaks to a man who simply doesn't want to be open about who he is.

Update: Vox reports that at least one person analyzing the document claims that it's been modified digitally.  If sustained, this would fall into the "how NOT to settle a debate" category, I think, or possibly "did they learn nothing from Dan Rather's debacle?"

Update 2: Elmer reports that the document appears to have been put together in three layers.  Why on earth do this and open things up as an apparent fraud?

In other news, my local paper reported on a woman convicted of helping to get night vision goggles shipped to Iran.  She's evidently my neighbor now, and a number of things stick out.  First of all, evidently Shi'a Sharia isn't above using an agent who dresses in decidedly un-Iranian garb, to put it mildly, and so we are confronted with the reality that Islamists are willing to compromise their principles to go undercover.  The Teheran government is even using the woman's daughters in trying to get her released; they're obviously not embarassed by her!

Second, it's worth noting that efforts to extradite her and her husband from Austria failed--so once again, we apparently have a case where someone in Europe doesn't really see a problem with giving Iran's forces some of the same capabilities as the forces most likely to try to put a stop to Iran's nuclear program--the U.S. and Israel.  No problem, evidently, as Vienna isn't in range of Iranian bombers......yet.

One would think that the Austrians, of all people, would understand the problems inherent with appeasing anti-semitic despots, but apparently not in this case.


Pilgrim said...

I'm going out on the crazy limb here. But even though Dear Leader was born on American soil, a fact I've never doubted, I still believe that his status as a natural born citizen is open to debate. "Under the jurisdiction thereof..." does not mean, in my view, "born on American soil." Rather, BHO is properly understood to be born under the jurisdiction of Kenya, the nation of his father's citizenship at the time of his son's birth.

The reason it's worth nit-picking, even just for conversation's sake, is that it gets us to ask the question, "What makes a citizen?" I assert that just being born here doesn't mean you're granted "birthright citizenship." Aliens, legal and non, are not properly "under the jurisdiction" of the U.S., but the nations of their citizenship.

I don't really care that our President is legally ineligible to hold the office. Sometimes it's more trouble to kick the party crashers out than to just let them help themselves to the buffet. Why make a scene?

Bike Bubba said...

I am not quite sure that anything that could have happened prior to age 18 would change his citizenship, though. Maybe I'm wrong here, but if the document is genuine, this should close the case. Everybody I know with dual citizenship (kids of Mexican/ German parents, etc..) has told me that the decision for one passport is made at age 18 or so.

Of course, it is a scan superimposed on a computer generated background, so I do expect that photoshop junkies are poring over it at this moment. If it's a forgery, it had better **** well be a good one, or he's toast.

Guitarman said...

I've heard also, that in Hawaii in 1961, they would have, should have referred to him as Negro. Here tehy referred to him as African.

Here's a new slant. While everyone is arguing whether or not he's a legitimate, he's botching up the country. Let's just say he's legal, and start hammering him for the lousy job he's doing. With a weak president, we have no control over gas prices, dollar value and etc..

Bike Bubba said...

African is plausible in that his dad was, in fact, from Africa, though. If you read old National Geographics (guilty), there are a lot of racial classifications there that you don't see often today. Plus, Hawaii never exactly was the "Old South," if you catch my drift.

But that said, yes, you're right that he's been a tremendously destructive President, and that ought to be all the data needed to eliminate him in 2012. I just wish it could be today!