Friday, April 29, 2011

Paging Basil Hallward

Evidently the process by which Oscar Wilde's character Dorian Gray's friend Alan Campbell disposed of Basil Hallward's body is on its way to being used in California mortuaries.  Why?  Environmental reasons, of course, as you can't possibly bury a body, even in a casket, without destroying the environment.  Just look at any graveyard--not a blade of grass there, is there?

Wait a be fair, I don't see anything Biblically wrong with this--our Lord is going to give Jan Huss a resurrection body even after being burned at the stake, of course--but the logic they're using to promote this is not exactly there. So using a bunch of energy (greenhouse emissions of course) for hydrolysis is OK, but using the same energy to bury or cremate someone is not? 

My apologies, Ben, if I ruined part of the end of The Picture of Dorian Gray for you!

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W.B. Picklesworth said...

No problem. I've sworn it off and moved off to better things, specifically, Henry Adams' history of America during the Administration of Thomas Jefferson and The Minister's Charge by William Dean Howells.