Thursday, November 06, 2008

"Thou shalt not steal"

It is an interesting fact to me that so many liberals can live in places with high rates of welfare dependence, but not clue in to the fact that all that welfare spending isn't lifting those areas out of poverty. How is it that Barack and Michelle Obama spent a lot of time in some of the poorest neighborhoods in Chicago (as community agitator and U. of C. worker--the U. is not in a good area at all) without figuring out that the "Great Society" wasn't helping?

I would suggest it might have something to do with Rev. Wright failing to adequately exegete Exodus 20:15, and for that matter, the fact that he won suggests that too many pastors (and parents) have failed to take God's Word into account on this matter.

Just because one can legally vote in a subsidy doesn't mean it's a moral thing to do, and if you fail to figure out that stealing via government is still stealing, you're also pretty likely to fail to figure out that the biggest problem your area faces is a failure to grasp the truth of Exodus 20:15 and Ephesians 4:28.

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