Monday, November 10, 2008

An interesting, non-political poll

I got a call (ostensibly) from pollsters/researchers at Mississippi State U. (paid for by the American Academy of Pediatrics) about second-hand smoke. As one might expect, the questions were slanted heavily to "nudge" the "pollee" towards a position of pretty much not allowing anyone to smoke anywhere but their own home--and that only if children or pregnant or nursing women are not present.

Most interesting was a repeated hint that doctors might soon have some sort of test to detect second-hand smoke. More or less, the MSU researchers (and by extension the AAP funders) are trying to tell us that a doctor ought to be performing a fairly invasive test to figure out if the parents actually know whether their kids are around tobacco, or whether the parents do and might be lying to them.

Sorry, AAP; if I want to figure out whether my kids are around smokers or smoking, I have a high tech device called a "nose," and quite frankly, I'll handle this one. I don't need Mary Poppins with a six figure paycheck to work behind my back.


Anonymous said...

FWIW, not all peds hit six figures.

I have some devices to help me know whether my kids are around smoke, too -- a mouth to ask the question and ears to listen for the answer. If they're not being straight with me about this, there are already things needing to be addressed, probably more important than whether they occasionally get a whiff of smoke.

Bike Bubba said...

Even full time, eh? Now there's a way to compensate people for pulling a 3.8 or better in undergrad and sweating through four years of med school and a few years of residency to boot!

And well said. There are things far more important to a child's health than smoking or whether dad's got a gun in the home.